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We Vacuum 1st – Sorry, Not Sorry

we vacuum first

The Carpet & Rug Institute (CRI) says to ask this question before hiring a carpet cleaner: “Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet?”

The answer you’re looking for should be:
a. Yes
b. No
c. Maybe
d. What’s a vacuum?

The answer of course should be yes, but surprisingly an independent surveyor (ok she may have been an employee’s wife) found that 7 local companies answered no when asked that question. Shocking – Yes! Startling – Yes! Sorry – They should be!

The CRI says vacuuming before deep cleaning is “critical”. Is it really that big a deal? Huge – Dry soil removal with a vacuum can remove up to 80% of the foreign matter (dust mites, human/animal dead skin cells, bacteria, pollen, pet hair) in your carpet. Fact is, studies have shown your carpet is a hotbed for this stuff – no kidding!

I know – I know, you are super excited and amazed to be finding this out! Who would have thunk it? But wait – Your carpet cleaner guy can get rid of all those pollutants with his “steam cleaner” right? Yea – that’s it. All he has to do is run that extractor thing over the carpet and “poof” all that disgusting stuff will get sucked up and out of your carpet right?

Not so fast my friend! Oh but that’s the idea – skip the details to get the job done as quick as possible. Not gonna happen on our watch – we’re going to vacuum the daylights out of your carpet, and vacuum again if we have to, and vacuum around your baseboards, and around the furniture which isn’t being moved, and even get some of those cobwebs hiding in the door jams.

Then we’re going to CRB (none of the companies surveyed do that either) and dig some more gross stuff out. Then – and only then – is your carpet ready for us to super duper suck up the pollutants and rinse out your carpet fibers.

Not convinced yet – call around (if you insist) and then call us for the most thorough cleaning on planet earth! We’ll take great care of you! Trusted – Tried – True!

Call – Text – Email – Send a carrier pigeon for crying out loud; Just don’t wait too long because that stuff in your carpet is multiplying! And yes of course we’ll stay for homemade mac & cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches!

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