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The Art of Clean

the art of clean

Let me begin by saying that in preparation for this blog I’ve watched more Bob Ross clips on YouTube than I’d like to remember. So let’s get right to some things he may or may not have said:

a. Clouds need friends too
b. We don’t make mistakes – we have happy accidents
c. Carpet cleaning is an underappreciated form of art
d. This is your world, so you can create any kind of illusion you want in your world.
e. We spend so much of our time walking around looking but never seeing
f. The 7-Step Complete Deep Clean is mind-blowing; I’m not kidding
g. Let things happen and use what happens to create your own masterpieces
h. Clean healthy carpeting is a super duper way to find your happy place in life
i. Go out sometimes in the woods and study trees; talk to trees. Whatever it takes.
j. All of the above
k. Most of the above

So the question we pose today: Is carpet cleaning really a form of art (and with his amazing head of hair and groovy wardrobe can we agree Bob Ross should have been a 70’s icon)? I’m still searching for his painting “Disco Inferno” (Trammps 1976).

Although the pundits and naysayers may baulk and scoff at the notion, those of you that have experienced first hand the 7-Step Complete Deep Clean know differently. What appears to many a simple process of removing foreign matter that has introduced itself into your carpet is to the IICRC Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician nothing short of an amazing work of art.

Our masterpiece begins the moment we book your cleaning session. We undergo countless hours of research, planning and preparation before pulling into your driveway. Once onsite the carpet canvas takes shape as we make our way through treating the spots, stains and odors you so desperately want removed.

Before we walk out that door (or you ask us to leave) we make sure that no part of the canvas has gone untouched. Our masterpiece complete, we bid you a fond farewell. Thanks for allowing us into your home and sending us on our way with a plate of your mom’s world famous walnut brownie chocolate chunk cookies.

Van Goch, da Vinci, Picasso … Above All. Call, text, email – but don’t miss the boat and remember, you can have your cake and eat it too (just ask Marie Antoinette)!

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