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Redefining a 5-Star Carpet Cleaning Customer Experience

When I began my carpet cleaning business I set out on a mission to provide an undeniable 5-star customer experience from start to finish. My goal was not to provide one-time service competing with everyone else on price, but to create loyal life-long customers that appreciated the value of my service as much as I appreciated their business.

So as the quest for the holy grail got underway I provoked the old KISS adage with what I called my triple crown winning service (yes a baseball analogy) based on three simple things: quality, trust and results. In fifteen plus years managing health clubs I learned that results matter, and I knew that I could deliver them when I had the freedom to orchestrate the product and process without any limitations.

While different perspectives and expectations can certainly make a 5-star experience subjective, I set out to show customers that I would do anything in my power to leave them satisfied. In doing so I wanted to exemplify sincerity, humility, effort, efficiency, effectiveness, communication, compassion, humor, professionalism, attention to detail, and most importantly care for my customers; understanding the each and every job and customer is unique and should be treated as such.

I had plenty of time to gain valuable knowledge and wisdom since I didn’t start Above All Services until I was 53 years young. My work ethic was shaped at an early age by my dad’s example and guidance. One of many children of Polish immigrants he was a true American success story. Without any formal secondary education or training he worked two jobs and provided a better lifestyle with more opportunity for his wife and four children. I owe a lot to his determination, persistence and great attitude and outlook on life.

While his influence has been a great blessing, my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of my business. Colossians 3:23-24 says “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not unto men; Knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance: for ye serve the Lord Christ.” Serving Christ is both an honor and responsibility that leads and guides me to demonstrate diligent work, integrity and care for my customers.

As a youngster I lived the American dream playing Little League for the Chicago Cubs (full uniforms), delivering newspapers at 6 in the morning for the Detroit Free Press, and putting on a shirt and tie to bag groceries and push carts at Farmer Jack. With every activity and job came experiences that impacted my perspective.

After a sub-par academic career I finally got more serious about my studies in my junior year at Michigan State and finished with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Exercise Science. That of course catapulted me into a high paying job (ok so it was $17,000/year) as a health club department manager. The next 15 years were spent at three different fitness centers struggling to satisfy customers, employees and my bosses at the same time.

With less than satisfying professional outcomes up to this point I got out of the business (ok I may have been strongly encouraged to disassociate myself from the position I was occupying) and began the quest for a career that gave me purpose and personal satisfaction. While I had been given some accolades over the years (you know, Apple Awards and such) which I was never big on, there was always the underlying feelings of not being satisfied and appreciated for my efforts. It always felt like regardless of what I did there was always someone unhappy about something.

My best friend growing up had been cleaning carpet for years and after several discussions with him about it over the course of a few years I finally decided to dive in. While I haven’t always been open to taking advice, on his recommendation I first started a commercial janitorial business in 2013 before I began cleaning carpet a year later using a low moisture method that wasn’t well known like “steam cleaning”.

For the next 7 years about two-thirds of my business was commercial janitorial and carpet cleaning made up the rest. Then in 2020 I purchased my first hot water extraction van and started to focus more on building my carpet cleaning business, and now in 2023 I am almost exclusively cleaning carpet, tile and upholstery. So enough about me; let’s get into this 5-star customer experience thing.

Quality is the First Priority

In order to get the best possible results I have researched and purchased the highest quality cleaning agents, tools and equipment to meet all the varying carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning needs. Having the things that are best suited for each job is crucial to achieving the best outcomes.

While I work efficiently and am very aware of my labor cost I take no shortcuts that would compromise my ability to provide “the most thorough carpet cleaning on the planet”. From the time of the initial contact to the follow through on my service I do my best to educate, communicate and pay attention to the needs of each and every customer.

I am never satisfied with the status quo and always continue to improve my process and customer experience by keeping up with what other 5-star industry professionals are doing. I have a short list of peers that have always been willing to share their knowledge and experience and provide valuable assistance when I have questions.

Trust is Essential

What’s a business that doesn’t hinge on the trust of its customers? Customers need to trust that you are who they thought you were (that’s for you Dennis Green fans). Trust is essential in all aspects of delivering a 5-star customer experience; from doing what you say you are going to do, to delivering results and treating customers honestly and fairly.

Trust means customers believe that you have their best interest in mind, and that you will do whatever you can to make each interaction a positive experience. Trust cannot be artificially manufactured; you will either earn it by your actions or you won’t. Trust is probably the biggest reason customers will call you back and refer you to others. Don’t leave home without it!

Results are Required

People want results, and just as trust is woven into the fabric of your business, results must be the focus with each job and transaction. This is where my obsessive compulsive traits kick in to try to identify everything that will enable me to get the best possible results on each and every job.

My “Complete 7-Step Deep Clean” process was designed to leave no stone unturned and deliver a carpet cleaning experience like has never been had before. When customers witness the process and see the results there is only one response I want to achieve: “Wow! That was about all he could say. Wow!” (from one of my all-time favorite books “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse”).

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