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Do you really want to spend money getting your carpeting cleaned? Why should you get it cleaned? Should you just rent one of those machines and do it yourself? If you decide to have a company do it aren’t they all the same? Do you follow the 5-second rule when food is dropped on your carpet?

So many questions – so little time. Are you looking for someone to change your life; for a miracle in your life? (Moody Blues 1970 song “Question”) Ok so that’s a little dramatic – I mean we’re just talking about carpet cleaning here. But you could use a navigator to safely lead you through your carpet cleaning conundrum right? Alas, look no further, we’ll provide you with some burning questions and maybe even some answers as well.

So which of the following would be helpful questions to ask before hiring a professional?
a. Can you tell me what steps are in your cleaning carpet process?
b. Do you vacuum the carpet?
c. Do you use a counter-rotating brush machine?
d. Are your technicians IICRC certified?
e. How is your pricing determined?
f. What is the health rating of your products?
g. If I want carpet protector applied is there an extra fee for that?
h. Do you apply an odor neutralizer and if so is that an extra fee?
i. Do you offer any sort of warranty?
j. Will you be singing or whistling while you work?
k. Is clean healthy carpeting a super duper way to find my happy place in life?
l. All of the above
m. a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i

Seriously – what’s the big deal anyway? Well – these things could be problematic if your carpeting is cleaned incorrectly or incompletely?
1. Foreign matter that should be removed is left in your carpeting.
2. Spots and stains that could have been removed are not.
3. Chemicals are left in your carpeting.
4. Your carpet stays wet longer than it should.
5. Your carpet re-soils quickly.
6. You spend your hard earned money and wish you had just torn out the carpet instead.

The answer: simple. Call, text or stop by our office with a pizza and we’ll tell you about our life changing Complete 7-Step Deep Clean & our Super Happy Customer Promise!

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