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Professional Carpet Cleaning Guarantees, Warranties & Other Important Stuff

Professional Carpet Cleaning Guarantees

When you pay a professional service to clean your carpet (or tile or upholstery) what types of guarantees or warranties should you expect? What safeguards should be implemented while the work is being performed?

Carpet Cleaning Guarantees

7 step deep cleanAs it pertains to this article the following statement is what is meant by “guarantee”: We assure you that the following things are going to be fulfilled before, during, or after your service. Some of the things we do at Above All Services before your service appointment is to educate you about our Complete 7-Step Deep Carpet Cleaning process, answer your questions, provide you with an estimate (based on the square footage and condition of the carpet), and direct you to a list on our website of “things to know before we arrive”.

When we arrive you can expect us to walk through the areas that you want us to clean and discuss spots, stains, and the general condition of the carpet, and go over our plan of action and the estimated amount of time the job is going to take. Once the work has begun we will employ tools to protect things in your homes such as floor runners, corner guards and a temporary door to keep the bugs and elements outside as we run our hoses inside. Before leaving we will talk with you about dry time, general carpet care and a recommended professional cleaning schedule.

What Should Not be Guaranteed?

Super Happy Customer PromiseWhile those are all things you should expect a professional carpet cleaning service to do, there are also some things that should not be guaranteed. The main things on that list are complete removal of all stains and odors. I hear what you’re thinking – so what the heck am I hiring a professional for if they’re not going to guarantee stain and odor removal.

Unfortunately, there are a number of factors that in some cases can make complete removal impossible including the type of stain (remember a stain is something that changes the dye structure of the fibers), the amount of time that stain has been set in the fibers, and any products used in previous attempts to remove the stain. So while removal should not be guaranteed, what should be expected is for all spots, stains, and odors to be treated and everything possible done to remove them.

In the process of cleaning your carpet the necessary time, appropriate equipment, and most effective cleaning agents should be utilized in order to get the best possible results. Having access to a variety of cleaning tools, equipment, and spot removal products and the knowledge and skill required to use them all gives a professional cleaner the greatest ability to clean and restore your carpet.

6 month Spot Stain warrantyCarpet Cleaning Warranties

When paying for any product or service it’s always important to know what you’re getting and that includes things like warranties. In the case of carpet cleaning let’s just define “warranty” as something that adds value to your service. So what should you expect in the way of carpet cleaning warranties? After visiting a number of professional carpet cleaning websites you will find that warranties are rarely talked about, but at Above All Services we provide you with two very important value-added services.

The first is what we call our Super Happy Customer Promise, which means that we will do everything in our power to provide you with a level of service and results you are super happy with. On top of that we will address any concerns you may have while on the job and within a full 30 days after your service date at no charge including coming back to retreat areas if necessary.

The other warranty we provide you with that actually has nothing to do with our initial service is our 6 Month Spot & Stain Warranty. Let’s just say that your beloved cat Silky coughs up a fur ball a couple of days after we’ve just gotten your carpet squeaky clean. As crazy as it sounds we will actually come out and treat those spots you cannot remove (with the custom spot treatment product we give you for no additional charge) for up to 6 months after our initial service appointment.

Other Important Carpet Cleaning Stuff

So when you’re spanning the globe to look for the cheapest, I mean the best, carpet cleaning company what are the most important factors in your decision? Is price important? Sure it is, but what are you getting in return for each dollar you spend? At Above All Services we give you the most thorough carpet cleaning on the planet with our Complete 7-Step Deep Clean process. Each of these steps are important to achieve the cleanest, healthiest carpet possible and many companies will not perform some of these steps in order to save themselves time and money.

With regards to pricing, a professional carpet cleaning company has labor and material costs for every job, and the amount of carpet being cleaned (square footage) and the condition of the carpet will determine what is going to be required to get the best results. At Above All we do a pre-cleaning inspection and evaluation (including a free pet urine inspection for pet owners) and measure the areas you want to be cleaned before providing your quote.

While the same principles and processes can be effective on every carpet cleaning job, each job also has unique variables that require a professional to adapt and customize service in order to achieve the best results. This includes things like using a fragrance-free hypoallergenic cleaner for people who have sensitivities, selecting the most effective cleaning tools and equipment for the job, and taking the necessary steps to protect the home environment (floors, walls, etc.) around the areas that are being cleaned.

As your carpet cleaning professional Above All Services is committed to providing you with the most thorough carpet cleaning service backed by our incredible service warranties. When you have questions about carpet care, cleaning and maintenance give us a call or text at (810) 625-0305 or send an email to results@aboveallsvs.com.

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