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Deodorizer vs Odor Neutralizer

Deodorizer vs Odor Neutralizer

Do you expect to get the same type of hamburger from McDonald’s that you would get from Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers? You get what you pay for – or at least you should. And the cost difference – actually not that much.

So what do burgers have to do with carpet cleaning? Nothing – but I love to eat! What’s the point then? Quality matters – whether you’re looking for a great meal or a great service provider.

Let’s talk carpet cleaning then – specifically deodorizers.

Why would you pay to have a deodorizer sprayed on your carpeting after cleaning? Deodorizers are designed to mask or cover up the odor, not address the source.

You want the big freakin’ juicy burger, don’t you! Stop wasting your hard earned money and have Above All treat your carpeting with an odor neutralizer after it’s super-duper cleaned. Odor neutralizers are designed to go to the source of the odor to eliminate it. Sounds better right – it is! We spray it down and hand rake it in.

As my good friend Don says “Now we’re cookin’ with Crisco!” or as Bill Murray put it in Caddyshack “That’s all she wrote.”, or as the old tv commercial says “I can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in the pan.”

But it’s not a cliché people – we’re the real deal! Got a question (about carpet cleaning or the best place for burgers) – give us a call! (810) 625-0305 or email us at results@aboveallsvs.com.

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