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How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company

The first thing that needs to be established is this: All carpet cleaning companies are not created equal, and by the time you’re done reading this (I know you’ll want every juicy detail) you’ll know what to ask to determine you’re best option. Before getting into specific questions you should ask when looking for a company to clean your carpet here are the 3 most important things to consider. 

3 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Who’s Cleaning Your Carpet#1 Trust: Who’s Cleaning Your Carpet

There are generally two types of companies you can hire: a large corporate-owned business or a locally owned and operated small business. What do you know about the technicians that will be coming into your home to clean your carpet? Would you trust leaving them in your home if you were gone?

I think it’s safe to say most people want to be able to trust that the people coming into their house will not only treat them with dignity, courtesy and respect but are also well qualified to do the job and will charge a fair price for their work. Homeowners, realtors and property managers that are valued customers of Above All Services have demonstrated their trust in us by leaving the house while we are working if they can’t be there, not requiring work estimates after we’ve serviced them once, and referring us to family and friends.

One of the most important things about who you hire is the person doing the work. An owner/operator of a small business has a lot more at stake than an hourly employee working for a bigger company. At Above All Services all of our customers are treated like family and you can be confident that someone who is fully invested in caring for your carpet will be on the job. 

#2 Quality: The Carpet Cleaning Products & Process

There are a million and one carpet cleaning products on the market for professionals to choose from. Each of those products should have a safety data sheet (SDS) that outlines a whole boatload of things including the products health rating on a scale of 0-4 (zero being the least hazardous). At Above All we’re continually spanning the globe in search of the most meticulously manufactured products that carry a 0-1 rating and are labeled as “green” (i.e. things that contain plant-based ingredients and are non-hazardous).

7 Step Complete Deep Clean ProcessOur choice in products is determined first and foremost by quality and not price. We take into consideration things like the product’s manufacturer and ingredients as well as its unique properties and chemistry. At the end of the day we feel good about using something that gets great results while being ecologically friendly.

Once the most effective products are selected we put them to use in our Complete 7-Step Deep Clean process that was carefully created to get the most optimal results. We actually did a straw poll (not sure what that means but we called a half dozen local carpet cleaning companies) and not one company said they vacuum before cleaning (that’s not good). Our 7-step process is much more time-consuming than the average carpet cleaner uses but every single step is crucial in providing you with the most thorough carpet cleaning on the planet.

#3 Results: You Hire a Professional to Get Results

Having a carpet cleaning certification means nothing in and of itself (except maybe to impress the chicks), but can be very meaningful when pursued with the right motives and combined with on-the-job training from an experienced and certified carpet cleaning technician. Certifications (IICRC is the industry standard for certifying carpet cleaners) at Above All are one of several important factors that we focus on to help our technicians get the best possible results.

Developing a long list of valued customers is not possible without the ability to get visible and lasting results. A long-standing customer of Above All commented that if we are happy with our work you (our valued customer) will be happy. A professional should take the necessary time and give the required attention to detail to your job in order to be able to say every possible thing was done to get you the best results.

7 Questions (& Bonus Questions) to Ask a Prospective Service Provider & The Answers From Above All Services

  1. What are the steps you will be using to clean my carpet? Our process begins after providing you with an estimate based on measuring and assessing the condition of the areas you want to be cleaned. We start by vacuuming and detail vacuuming around your baseboards and furniture and then treating any spots that require special attention. Next, we spray our cleaning solution down and work it through your carpet with our counter-rotating brush machine. After that, we use our special tools to extract the dirt and then spray carpet protector and odor neutralizer on your squeaky clean carpet. Finally, we put the finishing touches on by hand grooming your carpet.
    1. Will you be vacuuming the carpet? Yes & Yes
    2. Will you be using a counter-rotating brush machine? Yes
    3. Can I get an odor neutralizer applied to the carpet? Yes it’s included in your price
  2. How is your pricing determined? Based on square footage and the condition of the carpet
  3. Are there any additional fees or service charges? Pet urine
    1. Is there an extra fee for a carpet protector? No, it’s included in your price
    2. Is there an extra fee for deodorizer? We don’t use it because it only masks odors (we’re not into wasting your hard-earned money)
  4. What is the health rating of your products? 0-1
  5. Do you offer any sort of warranties? Yes
    1. What will you do if I notice something over the next month I’m not happy with with the service? We will come back and retreat at no charge for up to 30 days after our initial service date.
    2. If I spill something on my carpet in the next 6 months and can’t get it cleaned up will you come out and treat it for no charge? We will give you a bottle of our customer spot treatment and tell you how to treat spots and spills. If you are unable to remove them we will come out and treat them for no charge for up to 6 months after our initial service date.
  6. Will there be a certified technician on the job? Yes
  7. How long will it take the carpeting to dry when you are finished? Around 2-12 hours depending on the condition of your carpet and process we use.

If you have burning questions or would like to schedule the most thorough carpet cleaning on the planet please contact us at 810-625-0305 or results@aboveallsvs.com. We’d love to have you as a valued customer!

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